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Social Computing for the Enterprise

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As I mentioned a few weeks back, SharePoint can do a lot of things.  In this post, I’m going to focus on social computing.

Social networking use went mainstream with Facebook**.  For all of its downsides, social networking allows us to stay connected with one another, ask questions of a large group of people, and even share and comment on news events.  Take for example, the controversy from the Packers-Seahawks game a few weeks back:  social networking was slammed with comments on the blown call that resulted in a gross miscarriage of justice.  (What do you expect from a lifelong Wisconsinite?)

Social networking is not the first technology that seeped into the corporate computing landscape.  Instant messaging was widely used outside the corporate infrastructure before companies started seeing the benefits.  I remember being asked to create a MSN (now Windows Live) Messenger account to communicate with my consulting colleagues in the field.  So what are the benefits to bringing a Facebook-like interface into an organization and *gasp* asking people to use it?

Click here to read more about how enterprise social computing can help out your organization.

social computing with SharePoint

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By Allen Strelow, AIIM ECM Master, ECM Practice Lead – Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft SharePoint Partner – Wisconsin and Illinois

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