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Social Media in SharePoint 2010: YouTube Style

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is all about enabling its users to set up websites for the sake of sharing information.  Using SharePoint 2010, people can easily share ideas and expertise, and create custom solutions for definite needs, and then find the right business information to make better decisions. The software also helps to expand business reach, increase customer retention, and boost revenue.

Social media is gaining popularity with each passing day and has become an obsession and need forweb users today. However, if you ask any web professionals what “social media” truly is, you will usually get conflicting answers. In fact, social media means different things to various people including the most significant group of all, the users.

The popularity of the internet is based on sharing content. This includes not only the written word but also sharing photos and images, video footage, and audio tracks. Think diary entry, vacation snaps, favorite music,  favorite TV show or movie. Users can now make and share their personal content, not just commercially made and circulated audio and video.

What is YouTube All About?

 YouTube is just another successful example of a Social media website. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that zillions of people today are blindly addicted to the videos available on this site. Be it your favorite music video, some tutorial, an old advertisement, an episode of an entertainment show, or the video of your friend’s birthday party that you couldn’t attend, YouTube offers its visitor all kinds of visual entertainment. In more technical terms, we can say that YouTube disperses visual knowledge. This form of social media gives people a chance to communicate and share or discuss the visual information that is being offered. Incorporating YouTube and SharePoint can be beneficial to any organization.

How can SharePoint meet YouTube?

 After the popularity of YouTube, many software developers, working in the field of social media, found the YouTube style of sharing videos extremely profitable and user friendly. Many social media websites are being constructed on the same layout, where one can view videos, upload videos, and post comments to share their feedback.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has been introduced to assist  businesses in developing such a layout for their social media websites. Through videos, businesses can share their presentations, documents, spreadsheets, advertisements, etc.   Zoho Share can be discussed as a good example of a website developed using SharePoint 2010.

Zoho Share is about content that is published in the format of YouTube.  All the public content from Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show can now be viewed in Zoho Share. You can glance through various documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs under the Content section of Zoho Share. These different types of documents can be viewed in different modes. You can Comment, Rate, Bookmark, Email, and Embed the content from Zoho Share.

Internet has brought with it, numerous possibilities, both for social media or for information seeking.

by RJB, SharePoint Specialists, Pennsylvania Partner

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