Start Using SharePoint with These Quick Tips

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Regardless of how much training you get ahead of time or how much research you’ve done, once you get into the day-to-day use of a new technology solution, there will come a time when you’ll have a quick question or want an easy way to jog your memory about how a particular feature works.  SharePoint is no exception to this rule.

Microsoft has put together a handful of videos that help solve this problem.  These quick videos range in length from 1 – 4 minutes and cover a few of the basic issues that can cause hiccups when you are just starting to use your SharePoint solution.  Check them all out here or view them one-by-one as you need them:

Understanding permissions in SharePoint

Learn about permissions inheritance, how to create unique permissions by breaking that inheritance, and guidelines for using permissions in SharePoint.

Share or hide the tree view for site navigation in SharePoint

­Learn how to use the tree view to more easily navigate between content in your site.

Control access to your SharePoint libraries

­Limit access to a particular document library that may contain items that are not meant to be available to everyone in your organization or on your team.

Use columns and folders together to view library items in SharePoint

­Learn how to create specific views of items in a library that will let you sort and filter the documents across folders based on library columns you add to the library.

Stop or pause syncing SharePoint libraries with SkyDrive Pro

­Learn how to stop or pause syncing libraries on your SharePoint site with the SkyDrive Pro folders on your computer.

Use folders and File Explorer to organize your libraries in SharePoint

­Learn how to use folders and Explorer to create folders that group your documents logically and then drag and drop files into those libraries either directly within SharePoint, or by using Explorer.

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By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas, and South Carolina

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