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Survey Says 50% Believe Microsoft Surface is an iPad Killer

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 Many potential iPad killers have come and gone, but if any company has the resources and experience to actually surpass Apple in sales, it would be Microsoft. It would not be the first time Microsoft has beat out Apple in the race to the top, but in this round Microsoft definitely starts out as a serious underdog.

 The survey conducted by PC Advisor asked respondents if they thought Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which has not yet been released, would be able to beat out Apple’s iPad. 50% responded “yes” in the form of two possible answers: “Yes, Surface looks fantastic”, which netted 27 percent, and “Yes, eventually all Apple innovations are overtaken”, which accounted for 23 percent. 29 percent responded that Apple’s iPad was too dominant, and 11 percent chose the option that stated, “No. Android is the iPad killer”.

 While the survey may not be the most scientific, it does offer a glimpse into the mind state of many PCs users, a great number of whom have come to prefer Apple’s mobile products (iPod, iPhone, and iPad), even while they continue to prefer Windows-based PCs over Macs. For businesses in particular, the familiarity and preferred business applications that a Windows-based tablet could present may be enough to change their minds about the iPad.

 The first Microsoft tablet, Surface RT, is not expected to hit the shelves until October 2012, as it will likely coincide with the release of Windows 8. Just as Windows continues to cautiously evolve while not upsetting the PC ecosystem, Microsoft will have its work cut out for it as it attempts to build a loyal tablet user base.

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