InfoPath Discontinued - Replace with SharePoint Custom Web Parts


At this point you have likely heard the news that Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of InfoPath.  This was officially released on January 31stA new version is expected to replace the desktop version but timeframe is Read More


Canada has a series of sales taxes defined at both the federal and provincial jurisdictions.  It is similar in complexity to the combination of state and city sales taxes levied in the US.   Unlike in the US, it cannot be Read More


SharePoint 2010 offers a wide range of business intelligence solutions, most of which are bundled under the Insights capability. Like much of the rest of SharePoint, Insights makes use of a number of other Microsoft technologies through SharePoint’s Business Connectivity … Read More


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I recently worked with a client who manages community youth and adult programs. My client was not looking forward to the upcoming season of programs and the associated registrations because of their inefficient process for registering participants. For years their … Read More


One of the great things about Microsoft SharePoint is the flexibility and customizability of the platform. As a SharePoint consulting partner, we get to see many of the different and fun ways people are using SharePoint to streamline business processes … Read More