Tools to Migrate Your Search Components to SharePoint 2010

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Enterprise search is becoming an increasingly business critical function of SharePoint.  While many organizations are eager to take advantage of the new search architectures available for SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search Server 2010), they are also faced with the challenge of upgrading while accommodating their end users.  Essentially, there are two options if your organization is faced with this dilemma:

  • You can migrate or upgrade your existing SharePoint deployment so that it includes search
  • You can migrate select components of your existing deployment to gain the benefits of the new search capability while maintaining a familiar user experience

To help you take the second upgrade approach, Microsoft and Metalogix have developed the Search First Migration Accelerator which enables you to upgrade your Office SharePoint Server 2007 search component(s) prior to the underlying content.  This tool gives you access to SharePoint 2010’s search architecture while allowing you to upgrade the rest of your SharePoint components at the most appropriate time for your business. 

You can take an even more granular approach to your migration with the SharePoint Enterprise Search Migration Tool which simplifies and supports a database attach upgrade approach.  With the database attach approach, only the source environment’s content is transferred to the destination environment, leaving the configuration settings in the source environment. Transferring these settings is a complex process that is difficult to handle manually.

With the SharePoint Enterprise Search Migration Tool, you can automate the migration of the following search data:

  • Best bets
  • Search scopes
  • Site collection search center URL
  • Site collection search dropdown mode
  • Search results page URL

For an even smoother migration process for both your IT people and your end users, engage with a SharePoint partner to guide you through the process.  Contact Socius today to get started on your SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration.

By Socius, a SharePoint partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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