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Top 10 Reasons Why Enterprise Companies Are Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides easy, user-friendly solutions when it comes to establishing any intranet or extranet enterprise.  It’s because of this quality that so many successful companies have implemented this software in their organizations. One highly successful business is Sony, which is involved in research, marketing, and distribution; and second is FTN Financial Group, an organization which offers updates on extranet and intranet facilities.

Both of the above mentioned enterprises use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and have only praise to offer for this software. Following are just some of the benefits which these companies say this application offers:

1. Increased Collaboration

This application has the ability to foster a sense of oneness and community among the employees of any organization. This is achieved through the use of My Site pages and people search feature to identify individuals with similar interests and projects.

2. Easy Information Access

SharePoint 2010 also helps to locate significant individuals as well as information in an easy and efficient way. People who have the passion and skill for specific projects are easy to search out from the vast employee pool. This may work better and be less expensive than hiring an outside consultant. 

3. Access to better opportunities

People with specialized expertise are easier to find. This means that they are also available for a lot more opportunities.  They are able to advertise their skills, thus allowing them access to more lucrative job offers.

4. Faster Development

It stands to reason that improved access to stored data and specialists translates directly into cost savings.   Money saved by not having to hire an external consultant can be utilized in more productive ways.

 5. Higher Productivity

By using this state-of-the-art software, employees are able to complete projects more quickly and efficiently. By using the comprehensive search component individuals find searching the web a lot easier. As a result, they can locate documents much quicker than before.

6. ‘One-click’ Solutions

Overall site navigation improves with SharePoint 2010’s 12-times faster page rendering time in both extranet and intranet. Companies which use SharePoint experience faster and easier access to relevant information which proves beneficial to their overall entrepreneurial image.

7.  Greater Flexibility

This software also displays flexibility when it comes to configuration.  The above mentioned enterprises also admit that using SharePoint 2010 has enabled them to add certain graphic elements within their own websites, allowing for a more flexible and customized approach.

8.  Ease of Use

FTN also acknowledges that they discovered their content managers required a minimum amount of training when it came to handling this software. If  employees can edit  Microsoft Office Word documents, they will encounter no problems when it comes to updating websites on the SharePoint Server 2010 platform. This straight-forward method proves highly beneficial for any company’s success rate.

9. Lower Prices

Companies don’t have to worry about cost when it comes to effectively achieving customer satisfaction. Some found that paying for vendor seats (which is pay per seat) proved to be more expensive than when they decided to use SharePoint 2010. With this application, as well as SharePoint Server, organizations did not find themselves short on customers owing to their consecutive lowered rates.

10.  Better User Retention

This software also enables you to keep track of which clients are viewing which specific information with SharePoint Server 2010’s site-usage metric system. A manual method to organize site-usage information takes a significant amount of effort and time. Fortunately, SharePoint allows fast and easy insight into popular as well as not-so-popular areas of the websites in question. The more you know about your clients’ interests the better prepared you will be to serve them effectively, thus retaining more of your client base.

by RJB, SharePoint Specialists, Pennsylvania SharePoint Partner

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