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Transforming Productivity: Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

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Complicated infrastructures in the enterprise can reduce your productivity and increase costs. In addition to managing your internal resources, you need to meet the increasing demands of your customers. Consumers are changing and are close to fully adopting the means of mobile devices and social networks into their way of life.  According to a Forrester Research Analyst, “A challenging trend for enterprise architecture teams is extending their influence across the enterprise, and a prerequisite for achieving this influence is a deep understanding of “what’s going on in business areas” — not just the formal strategies but also the frontline needs and initiatives.”

Microsoft Office 365 transforms productivity for enterprise business in a number of ways. Here are just the top five on our list that speak volumes to the benefits Office 365 can bring:

  1. With a guaranteed 99% uptime service level agreement, your company can rest assured your data is accessible and within a safe environment.
  2. You can feel confident with always up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spam knowing your data is secure and your business processes hold steadfast.
  3. With round the cloud IT level support, management of your IT is simpler and more productive, solving problems quickly or even before they can occur.
  4. Integration capabilities within Microsoft Office 365 allow you to connect your current solutions so everyone is on the same page, increasing employee productivity and business insight.
  5. All of this support, yet you can still retain control of your IT. It’s especially simplified to add users through centralized management tools and active directory synchronization.

Doing more with less is essential in the world we live in today. Whether you need to cut expenses or maintain your business by beating out the competition, productivity will help you meet those goals. Microsoft Office 365 for the enterprise brings productivity to a whole new level. Contact us at RJB Technical Consulting to find out how to transform your productivity with Office 365.

By Russell J. Basiura Jr. of RJB Technical Consulting, Pennsylvania Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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