Two Ways SharePoint Connects with Dynamics and Delivers Results

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SharePoint not only enables collaboration, it collaborates too.

There is a tremendous amount of power to be gained by connecting SharePoint with other business management applications. When those applications are Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM solutions, the connection is easy to establish and the results are achieved quickly.

In a recent webinar, we featured examples of this concept.

First, we explained how a bicycle and wheel frame manufacturer was struggling with the way that their sales people in the field were presenting information and collateral due to how they were managing (or mismanaging) their documents using a File Share.  The documents in the File Share were rarely used, were taking up valuable space, were not kept current, and therefore, were not of use to the company.

This company was able to leverage their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and connect it with SharePoint in order to create a document management solution that gave them access to usable, approved sales documentation.  See how it works in this quick video:

Secondly, we featured a medical equipment distributor that had a process visibility issue when people who were not users of their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution initiated a process in Dynamics GP.  When one of their customers would request a new item, the sales person could only forward the request to their manager via email.  There was no timetable for the completion of the request, no escalation process, and no visibility into where the item was in the process.

We were able to create a new process by connecting Dynamics GP with Sharepoint which enabled anyone to enter a New Item request in Dynamics GP.  Then workflows were leveraged so that the  request would be routed to a sales manager for approval.  Additionally, all parties are informed via email that the item has been approved and are given visibility to see that the item has been added in GP.  Get a better idea of how this process works in this video:

To learn more about connecting SharePoint with your business management solutions, view a recording of our recent webinar:  SharePoint: The New Way to Work Together.

By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas and South Carolina (

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