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Upcoming Features for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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As you would expect, Microsoft is responding to dramatic changes in the software landscape, particularly the growing importance of social technologies. As part of this, the 2013 edition of SharePoint will have  several new features, and Microsoft recently reported on these changes.

 One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of a cloud storage mechanism called SkyDrive Pro. SkyDrive already exists as a consumer storage mechanism, so clearly we can expect this new feature to be a business version of the same interface.

 There are still a lot of mysteries about what SkyDrive Pro is going to look like, such as whether it will be the same cloud used by consumers. However, Microsoft has given away a few clues as to what’s coming.

 The new interface will be incorporated into SharePoint Online for Office 365 as well as SharePoint Server 2013. It is expected to simplify sharing, syncing, and saving and make it more consistent with the existing SkyDrive consumer system.

 The “Pro” features will incorporate social networking and place more emphasis on collaboration, workflow, compliance, and so on. It will also incorporate enhanced metadata and search features that will make it easier to discover and organize information.

 Microsoft spokespeople have said that SkyDrive is not expected to be a replacement for SharePoint Workspace. If it is desired, users will have the option of separating their SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro drives.

 In addition, the new SharePoint is expected to have increased social capabilities, an inclusion of FAST search, and the addition of a new hub for SharePoint Sites. An additional feature called Shredded Storage will eliminate duplicates and reduce excesses in content.


By David Sterling, Sterling International Consulting Group

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