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Using SharePoint Document Libraries for Collaboration

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Microsoft SharePoint is designed to make collaboration easy, and document libraries allow your team members to create, edit, and share common documents with one another. They can create and edit Microsoft Office files from the library as though they were editing files found on a local drive on their computers.


Create a document library

To create a document library, do the following:


  1. Click      “Create” in the top link bar
  2. Click      “Document Library” on the page labeled “Create Page”
  3. Enter      a name and description for the library
  4. Optionally,      click Yes if you want a link in the Quick Launch bar
  5. Optionally,      choose “Document Versions” for files that will be periodically      changed over time
  6. Click      “Create”


Create folders

Within your document library, you can create folders.


  1. In      your new document library, click “New Folder”
  2. Give      it a name
  3. Click      “Save and Close”


Add Columns

Columns allow you to add more sorting and filtering options to your document library. The default columns allow you to edit the name and title of a file. You can add additional columns such as one that indicating the date and time it was last saved or the name of the last person who edited it.To add a column:


  1. Click      “Modify settings and columns”
  2. Click      “Add a new column” in the Columns section
  3. Enter      a Column name
  4. Select      the type of information (single line of text, multiple lines of text,      choice, etc.)
  5. In the      “Optional Settings for Column” section, type a description
  6. Optionally,      select “Require that this column contains information”
  7. Configure      the unique features of the column type you selected
  8. Click      OK


Add Documents

Once you have your document library set up and configured, you will want to add actual documents. To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Within      your document library, select the folder you want to use
  2. Click      “Upload Document”
  3. When      the upload document page appears, click “Browse”
  4. Find      and select the file you want to upload and click “Open”
  5. Click      “Save and Close”


As you can see it is quite simple to get started using document libraries in Microsoft SharePoint, but this is just the beginning of the many things you can accomplish with document sharing, collaboration, and editing. For more information and helpful tips, visit the SharePoint documentation online.




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