What Current Users Think of SharePoint 2010

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Global 360 conducted a survey of SharePoint users in August 2010 and repeated it in January 2011 to draw some interesting comparisons.  One of the things that the survey revealed was that SharePoint 2010 is being more rapidly adopted and more widely appreciated than was anticipated even a few months ago. 

In August, only 8% of survey respondents had deployed SharePoint 2010 and only 13% of respondents were planning an upgrade to 2010.  However, 44% of survey respondents in January were using SharePoint 2010.  This shows that as organizations became more familiar with the new features and benefits of SharePoint 2010, upgrading to the current version became a greater priority.  But what was it about SharePoint 2010 that has made upgrading so compelling?

The survey also revealed what current SharePoint users think of the newly released 2010 version.  Current users of SharePoint 2007 view improved workflow design and the new and improved application development experience as the top two features that most appealed to them in SharePoint 2010.  Of the SharePoint 2010 users surveyed, most indicated new and improved application development experience and enhanced social computing tools as the top benefits while improved workflow design was seen as a top benefit by only 7%.  This shows that organizations who upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint are taking advantage of and benefiting from more features than they anticipated. 

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By Socius, an Ohio SharePoint Partner

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