What Does It Take to Get Up and Running on SharePoint?

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There are a lot of horror stories about lengthy, in-depth, and expensive SharePoint deployments.  They are easy to find and can be very intimidating if you are considering a SharePoint solution.  However, those stories are the exception, not the rule.

If you’ve already heard some of those stories though, it can be hard to trust that you won’t have a similar experience.  That’s why Socius is launching our SharePoint Rapid Implementation Offering, where you know exactly what you get and how much it is going to cost up-front.

With Socius’ SharePoint Rapid Implementation package, you will get one site set-up with SharePoint Foundation, up to three sub-sites, and we’ll align your organizational brand standards to SharePoint’s theming engine.  Not only does this offering give you peace of mind knowing what you can expect, but also what you can spend.  This package is only $2500.

The fixed rate for this offering also represents a discount on Socius’ standard billing rate for implementation services.  This discount doesn’t end when your SharePoint solution is live, either.  We’re extending it for any Socius services you take advantage of for the first 60 days after implementation.

For more details about Socius’ SharePoint Rapid Implementation Offering, visit

So how do we know that we can get you up and running quickly and effectively with a SharePoint solution at a predictable, fixed cost?  Because we’ve done it before.  Our SharePoint solutions have helped our clients connect and build a corporate culture, manage business critical documents, and collaborate and surface business insights.

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By Socius, a SharePoint partner in Ohio, Kansas, and South Carolina

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