What Does the Lack of Design View in SharePoint 2013 Mean to You?

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When I first saw the news that SharePoint 2013 would not include the Design View, I thought it was a joke.  By removing Design View, it takes away a tool that allows power users to make changes to the system from a visual perspective and now forces those that do customization to take another approach.

How can something that is so important to the community that customizes SharePoint be stripped from the simple design client?

As is always the case with technology though, in order to move forward you have to move away from the past.  HTML5 is a changing to the way browsers work and with it comes changes to the way sites are designed – it’s a game changer.  We are moving forward and it hurts.  The SharePoint community at large and significant, well-known consultants are upset.  But what does this change mean to you?

How will you be impacted?

  • To be honest, most end users are not going to care; they most likely are not using this tool.
  • Power users and daily SharePoint administrators are going to be the most impacted.  Partners and employees that have come to rely on this part of SharePoint Designer to make simple changes will feel this removal the most since they most likely are the “visual editors” that use the design window the most.
  • Developers will not be impacted much since they most likely are making their changes in Visual Studio.
  • Most corporations are not going to migrate away from SharePoint simply as a result of this deletion.  It may cause them to rethink making certain changes, due to the cost associated with having a partner or their power user(s) to make the change now.  This will add some time when a change is needed since it will cause the testing and tweaking stage of requests to take longer to get it visually right.

In the end, this is change and change makes everyone uncomfortable.  When it is change that takes something away from a tool that made things easy to visually change and now makes it tougher…well it is going to take an extra-large spoonful of sugar for that medicine.

By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas, and South Carolina

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