What is the Easiest Way to Implement Microsoft SharePoint?

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 If you have considered implementing Microsoft SharePoint for your small business in the past, you might have been reluctant because of the implementation cost of running a SharePoint server and the IT experts you would need to hire to maintain it. Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 provides you with an easy method of implementing SharePoint Online that eliminates the need to purchase expensive servers or expensive IT professionals.

 Office 365  gives you multiple options for how you implement your business in the cloud. You can share documents and information with colleagues, manage projects, keep documents and users in sync, and market your business online with a professional web presence using easy-to-use website creation tools.  With Office 365, you have the option of connecting your local Office apps and tools with the cloud, merging both environments to fit your business.

 With other cloud service providers, you are left on an Internet island with no connection to your on-premise applications. You may even have to purchase third-party tools to import and export data and documents, and you will never have the tight integration and familiar interface of the complete Office 365 experience.

 SharePoint Online syncs everything you use in the cloud with your own computer, giving you, the end-user, offline access to all of the same documents. This makes collaboration easy, even when you are temporarily disconnected from the Internet. With and other cloud-only solutions, this option simply does not exist.

 SharePoint and Office 365 give you a “small business intranet in the cloud” – easy! For efficient and effective work, you need options, and only Office 365 provides the wide range of options small, medium-size, and large enterprise businesses need.


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