Where SharePoint Fits in Microsoft’s Vision for the Social Enterprise

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In his article for Forbes, Mark Fidelman reveals the reason for Microsoft’s delay in jumping into the social arena with both feet.  A Harris study revealed that 75% of organizations surveyed plan to implement a social solution this year for the purposes of increasing internal information sharing.  However, Gartner found that 70% of those implementations will likely fail.

Microsoft took its time developing its social vision because it was trying to develop solutions that would not only facilitate social sharing but also ensure the success of the project by improving employee buy-in and adoption.  According to Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s Senior Director of SharePoint Product Management, “It’s not just about technology, it’s about how you drive adoption, change management and getting the right people involved in the transformation.”

In light of that philosophy, Microsoft has finally released their vision for the social enterprise as a four pronged approach: the cloud, social technologies, mobile and analytics.  Fidelman points out that Microsoft is the only company currently positioned to deliver on this vision because they are the only organization that offers:

  • The ability connect people and information to a socially enabled productivity platform via SharePoint
  • The choice of deploying this technology on the desktop, on large touch surfaces or mobile devices
  • All of these solutions in a flexible cloud environment
  • The analytical tools to better understand both the social tools and their benefits

There is one other argument in Microsoft’s favor as the primary provider of social tools for the enterprise – Microsoft has a very strong foothold in the enterprise that would make switching technology providers cost-prohibitive for enterprise organizations.

Learn more about how your organization can get more social with Microsoft SharePoint.

By Socius, a SharePoint partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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