Why Doesn’t SharePoint Work on My Android Phone?

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For most Android phone users, using SharePoint on the go isn’t a reality – it just doesn’t work on their phones.  There is a pretty simple reason for this problem (and a very simple solution).

The default browser on Android phones blocks the authentication pop-up window that enables a user to login to SharePoint.  If you have received a “401 Unauthorized” error when trying to access SharePoint on your Droid or other Android enabled device, this is why.

There is a way around this issue.  Simply go into the Android Marketplace and download a browser app that supports SharePoint 2010 (like Firefox).  Then use your new Firefox Android app to visit your SharePoint URL, login, and access your site!

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By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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  1. […] Why Doesn’t SharePoint Work on My Android Phone? is a post from: SharePoint Blog […]

  2. Android and Sharepoint would be a brilliant love connection.


  3. Peter Jones says:

    I was thinking of purchasing an android and heard it didn’t work with SharePoint… But if you can download Firefox app and access my SharePoint account that way, then that’s no problem at all!


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