Why Go Social with SharePoint 2010?

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If your organization is searching for a value statement to justify establishing corporate social networks or online business communities, you need to look no further than a joint study by MIT and NYU’s Schools of Business which revealed that the better connected an employee is to others, the more revenue they will generate annually.  Specifically, an employee who is connected to a wide range of colleagues generates $83,000 per year more than the average employee. 

More engaged employees are more valuable employees in many ways, including getting more done, having more ideas, staying with the company longer, and building stronger customer and colleague relationships.

In their white paper, “People Working Together Drive Business Results”, Microsoft examines the value organizations like yours can gain from enhancing their collaborative environment with corporate social computing capabilities to enable people to work more efficiently and engage them more fully in the work they do. This paper also offers a few key considerations and strategies for planning and implementing a corporate social network or community in a way that supports your business objectives.

Download the white paper: People Working Together Drive Business Results

If you are questioning how Microsoft plays a role in corporate social computing and collaboration, you should know that over the summer, Gartner Research Analyst Jeffrey Mann featured Microsoft on a webinar of strong competitors in business social software thanks to the blend of search, social functions, and content management found in SharePoint 2010

These SharePoint 2010 features have helped to place Microsoft in the leaders’ quadrant (along with IBM and Jive) of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace.  Gartner also lists Microsoft as the only challenger in the Externally Facing Social Software market, with a stronger ability to execute their software’s vision than any other product in that market-space.

So what is it about SharePoint 2010 that makes it a leading social solution?  SharePoint 2010 features:

  • User-friendly wikis
  • Ability to mine Outlook and Exchange for knowledge
  • New APIs allow for customization and extended functionality
  • Social computing, search, and content management function better together

View this video to see how Sony is using these social features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

by Socius, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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