Will SharePoint Support the iPad?

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The bigger question is not whether SharePoint will support the iPad, but will the iPad support SharePoint?

Since the iPad uses Safari for its native browser, let’s start there. Officially Safari 4.04 is supported on non-Windows operating systems. (

If you look historically at the question, the answer has been no.  SharePoint, until the release of SharePoint 2010, only officially supported one browser, Internet Explorer.  This is because many of the features in SharePoint were ActiveX components.  With the release of SharePoint 2010, SharePoint as an application became more accessible.  It now supports multi-browser functionality (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE), which includes the use of Silverlight and the OOB Silverlight web part. (

There are still some items in SharePoint 2010 that require ActiveX functionality that is not supported (see the “Known Limitations” section for Safari in the TechNet article referenced above).  In addition, many SharePoint deployments may include third-party features which may not be supported.

All that being said, there is a great deal of functionality that you can get from your iPad on SharePoint.  So for all you die-hard Apple lovers, breathe easier if you want to access SharePoint from your iPad.

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